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How to handle a policy violation on Google Play

Publishing your app or video game to Google Play is interesting, so it can be frustrating to have your launch postponed by a policy violation. In this video, we’ll stroll you through the various policy review outcomes, offer some typical examples of what may trigger the infraction, and explain next steps for getting your flagged app or video game back on the Store.

For fast answers about a particular type of policy offense, jump right to the area on rejection (0:27), elimination (1:07), suspension (1:17), or termination (1:55).

If you still have questions or wish to appeal Google Play’s choice, you can click on the link in the infraction e-mail to reach out.

Check Out the Designer Policy Center → https://goo.gle/30Ip9nM
Find Out with Play Academy → https://g.co/playacademy/policy
Subscribe to the Android Developers channel → https://goo.gle/AndroidDevs

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