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Google Play PolicyBytes – Spring 2020 Policy Updates

Joe Davis, Outreach and Policy Education Lead at Google, explains the spring 2020 Play policy updates on subscriptions, background location access, malware, resource downloads, and more. Stay tuned to read more about these updates, plus best practices for app compliance on Google Play and resources to help you comprehend the brand-new updates.

For quick answers about a particular policy upgrade, jump right to the section on resource downloads (1:49), malware (2:52), manipulated media (3:33), impossible performance (5:16), households (6:33), background area (8:37), and memberships (9:11).

Check Out the Designer Policy Center → https://goo.gle/30Ip9nM.
Discover Policy with Play Academy → https://g.co/playacademy/policy.
Google Play Trust and Safety Update Article → https://goo.gle/2RDghg9.

Play PolicyBytes → https://goo.gle/3banmwm.
Subscribe to Android Developers → https://goo.gle/AndroidDevs.

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