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Paging with Paging 3

The Paging library enables you to load large sets of information gradually and with dignity, reducing network usage and system resources. So we released Paging 3.0 (now in alpha), a complete reword of the Paging 2 library using Kotlin coroutines (but still supporting Java users) and using the features you requested, like much easier mistake handling, more flexibility to implement list transformations like map or filter, and assistance for list separators, headers, and footers.
In this talk we’ll discuss the primary Paging 3 components, see how they fit in an existing app architecture, how to implement them and incorporate the most typical information paging features.

Paging paperwork → https://goo.gle/paging3-docs
Paging codelab → https://goo.gle/paging3-codelab
Paging sample → https://goo.gle/paging3-sample
Take a look at the 11 Weeks of Android website → https://goo.gle/30FDT8S

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Florina Muntenescu

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