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In Android 11 we’ve launched a bunch of new media features, consisting of brand-new media controls, playback resumption and seamless transfer. We’ve likewise launched upgraded APIs and libraries to make it easy for you, the developer, to build high quality media apps.

This video will describe what these features are, how they work and how to incorporate with them.

Android 11 sneak peek → https://goo.gle/3as1mNV
Media Controller Test app → https://goo.gle/342iI2O
UAMP → https://goo.gle/30UoZeT
OpenSL ES to Oboe migration guide → https://goo.gle/sles-migration
Android 11 functions → https://goo.gle/android11-features
Examine out the 11 Weeks of Android site → https://goo.gle/30FDT8S

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