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Compose by example

Jetpack Compose is a brand-new declarative UI toolkit developed for the needs of producing modern-day user interfaces. Start with Compose and learn more about the new APIs and Material components that make up the toolkit by analyzing concrete UIs we have actually produced with it. We’ll walk through examples of theming, animation, design and more, demonstrating how to customize and integrate components to develop real UIs. We’ll show how the new toolkit streamlines your advancement experience and allows new possibilities.

Theming: 01:22
Dynamic Theming: 5:20
Evaluating Style Modifications: 5:46
Custom Design Systems: 6:28
Layering: 9:28
Design: 10:01
Modifiers: 10:35
Custom-made Layouts: 14:17
Stimulating Layout: 17:30
Animation: 18:31
Animation Inspector: 20:13
Checking Animations: 20:35

Compose samples → https://goo.gle/compose-samples
Compose codelabs → https://goo.gle/compose-codelabs
Compose docs → https://goo.gle/compose-docs
Kotlin Slack sign-up → https://goo.gle/compose-slack
Check out the 11 Weeks of Android website → https://goo.gle/30FDT8S

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