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[Deal Alert] Get a refurbished Verizon Gear S2 for $100 on eBay


Yeah, we know, it doesn’t run Android, but the Gear S2 is still an awesome smartwatch. Its innovative rotating bezel is something no other touchscreen-equipped watch has (save for the S2 classic and the upcoming S3). Now, you can pick a manufacturer refurbished Verizon model up from an eBay seller …

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AOSP changelog posted for Android Nougat v7.0.0_r1 (NRD90M)


Android 7.0 Nougat is now truly official and available to those of us toting around certain Nexus devices. The hardware support will grow soon, and seemingly more quickly than versions in the past. We’ve already seen much of what 7.0 has to offer, but there’s surely much more to discover. …

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